My evolving obsession; the ideas that sustain my creative process. 


The rhythms and patterns present in cellular functions, the various ecological systems on earth, and the birth and death of stars are all kindred. I am interested in understanding the operation of the various systems within and beyond the world, and am fascinated with exploring the recursive relationship of these systems; the architectural framework that is consistent among all of them.

Light is not so much something that reveals, as it is itself the revelation.
— James Turrell
[Art] first of all is optical. That’s where the material of our art is: in what our eyes think.
— Paul Cezanne

The presence of this "framework" is no coincidence. I am constantly looking for ways to articulate and understand this “recursiveness” artfully. Through sculpture, I explore and express these systems in ways that related to my interest in the physical and rhythmic structure of things. 


Light is the reconciling force of the universe; the trace of all events since the beginning of time. It contains the answers to everything including our origins and is among the absolute essential components of our universe: the fundamental “materials” of life. Ephemeral and fleeting, light is a conduit to details only under the correct circumstances, much like looking into the eyes of a person and feeling an intrinsic understanding when the souls collide. 

The lie is what we see. The truth is intangible.
An abstract thought is as spectral as a beam of light. Both are capable of articulating the space between points of observation. Rhythm, movement, space and time continue infinitely and intangibly into the metaphysical realm; light is the conduit to this space.

According to American theoretical physicist Richard Feynman, in order to learn about and appreciate the universe, “ is necessary to understand the language that she speaks in.” I believe that rhythm is the "mother tongue" of the universe. My works are projections of rhythm, movement, space, and time. They explore the intersecting area where tangible materials meet and interact with light; the relationship between physical presence and phenomenal essence. The fourth dimension.Guided by passion and motivated by time: I live life on my own terms for the people I love. I am VIKING.

Imagine an environment where the structures of space and time are visible. Undulating and vibrating holding the physical realm in balance, but beyond reach. The architectural framework of all matter. This space repeats forever forward and backward in every possible configuration not only representing every possible moment in time but also every possible outcome of every interaction. You are inside the 4th dimension, and are unbound.