In optics, a caustic or caustic network is the envelope of light rays reflected or refracted by a curved surface or object, or the projection of that envelope of rays on another surface. The caustic is a curve or surface to which each of the light rays is tangent, defining a boundary of an envelope of rays as a curve of concentrated light. Therefore, in the adjacent image, the caustics can be the patches of light or their bright edges. These shapes often have cusp singularities.

 An ongoing series of work about the ephemeral beauty of light and its interaction with form and space. In a fleeting moment, so much can be revealed. The true nature of the form's beauty is visible for an instant only when the circumstances are ideal. A parallel to the phenomenal relationship between body and soul. If we pay attention, we can view into the souls of the people closest to us when conditions are right. In moments of love, despair, anger and passion, true character and identity are revealed.