Tempered Blue (Submitted concept)

The triptych is extremely formal in nature, reflecting the very solemn function of the Strathcona County RCMP and Enforcement Services Building, and its affiliated service members. The installation is comprised of three distinct formal objects unified in a balanced arrangement. The individual sculptures represent the RCMP, the Enforcement Services Community Peace Officers, and the tremendous volunteer support present on site.

The sculptures are unique in character but share identical parts, reflecting the idea that although the service members perform different duties, they are unified by the same goals, to protect and serve citizens in different ways. Although the individual service members and volunteers’ specific responsibilities and duties vary, they are brought together by consistent virtues of the highest standing. These virtues include but are not limited to temperance, humility, charity, patience, gravity, determination, tenacity, kindness, honesty, and countless more.

The configuration of the three artworks in a balanced formation represent the detachment’s strength in relationships; the collaborative and cooperative nature of the work that takes place on and off site.

The name of the artwork “tempered blue” is derived from the unique technical process that gives the triptych its stunning and beautiful blue colouration as well as the traditional colours of law enforcement. The tempering process completely penetrates the stainless steel and is not a superficial surface treatment. The resulting colouration goes deep into the material’s core. In addition to representing the traditional colours of law enforcement, the colour blue was selected for its strong psychological effect: it subconsciously evokes feelings of comfort and security. While the title of the artwork literally refers to the process by which its colour is derived, it also refers to the temperance of the statement “to protect and serve”, and the dispositions of the members of law enforcement that uphold this statement.