Polar Curves

Polar Curves (2011), 72" x 36" x 72" Aluminum, Electro-luminescent Wire

Inspired by the abstract analysis of natural systems, “Polar Curves” was an articulation of the various constructs that we use to understand the world around us. Strands of electro-luminescent wire were stretched within the volume of space defined by an aluminum rectangular prism. The strands of wire were positioned relative to one another to produce mathematically derived curvatures from a number of vantage points, relating to the Cartesian method of mapping linear curves.

The aluminum prism represents the various rationales that we use to interpret our world, for example: science, technology, design, etc. The strands represent the various relationships that we define within the boundaries of rational thought. The curvatures defined by the strands works metaphorically to represent the beauty of natural phenomenon, in conjunction with the underlying architecture– the complicated relationships that support natural phenomenon.